Monday, February 3, 2014

Arrival To Our Camp!

Our transportation! 

Our view from the airport!

Hydrangeas grow wild along the roads here!

Local Welcoming Committee (Can you see the lizard?)! 

Well, we made it safely to Brazil! What a blessing to meet up with such pleasant, accommodating, Christian people. They are having an unusually hot season right now so we get to enjoy the sun and HOT weather. We could feel the temperature drop a bit as we drove into the mountain area of Gramado, however the cool breeze in the evening feels wonderful. It's been a huge transition from the unusually cold snowy days back in the states!

The camp here is beautiful and we are looking forward to an experience filled with God's love as we meet our campers tomorrow. As we busily make preparations, we must remember to prepare our hearts for the work at hand. We do have a prayer request. Please pray for protection from the evil one. Thank you so much for the support back home!

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