Saturday, February 8, 2014

Last Day With Students!

 Sandy with the Carnival!

 Amy and the "Chicken Dance"!

Sandy instructing some of her students.

We are getting to know the kids as we spend time with them.  One way is by writing Dialog Journals.  The campers write to us answering a question or whatever they want to write.  And then we write back to them about what they wrote.  Some began writing immediately about serious issues in their lives.  Others wrote about ideas, dreams, or about their families and themselves.  It takes some time to write to each camper in their journal, but it is worth it and fun to learn about them and their lives.

In chapel after supper, an American missionary (in fact the husband of my music workshop partner here at the camp) is sharing the whole story of the Bible.  He has condensed it down, but it began at creation and then we learned about Noah and King David last night.  He has created the presentation as a graphic novel that is being projected onto a screen.  The campers are fascinated learning about Biblical heroes.  Our camp theme this week is on heroes, both superheroes and Biblical ones.  We learned about Paul tonight.

We have had very positive response to the English Workshop baking apple pies.  Pies are not part of Brazilian cooking, so it has been a new experience for the kids.  Even the cook here at the camp liked the apple pie. 

We made tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches for them for lunch, along with peanut butter and jelly.  We brought the peanut butter with us because it is not readily available here.  The have even written songs about the American food we have been preparing for them.  They liked the chocolate chip cookies also.

Thank you so much for your prayers for all of us working together at the camp and for the campers.

We had our closing program yesterday morning following a short class time.  We were able to present certificates to each of the kids for studying English this week.  Each class demonstrated what they learned in class acting in a skit or singing a song.  The skits were very active and fun.  In-between the class presentations, the kids sang the songs they wrote in their music worships.  Each group wrote a song in English using the melodies of one of the camp songs they learned substituting their own words.  All three songs had at least one verse about the American food we prepared for them. 

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