Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Saturday Afternoon!

We were able to do some sightseeing today.  Our hosts arranged a tour of a chocolate factory in Gramado.  It smelled wonderful and tasted great as we sampled their creations.

We went to Black Lake where we enjoyed the cool shade by the lake, visited shops, and enjoyed talking with our hosts.  Then we went to the beautiful Caracol Waterfall near Gramado.  The countryside in and around Gramado is picturesque with rolling hills, flowering trees, and hydrangeas growing wild along the roadways.

In the evening we were escorted by our camp hosts--leaders, camp counselors, and their families to a Brazilian restaurant called a Churrascaria, a barbecue where the meats and some of the vegetables are cooked on large skewers over hot coals.  After dinner, singers and dancers came on stage and performed traditional music.  Then we went to see a church that changes colors.  The lights were placed on the church to highlight its design making us remember God, His creation, and the reason we came to Brazil--to share His love through teaching English as a second language.

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